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Fridays at 1pm US Eastern Time (GMT-4) Shally Steckerl hosts candid discussions with industry leaders in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources.In these informal one-on-one conversations Shally and guests discuss Talent Acquisition transformation, dealing with burning issues of the day and leading through change. Learn more here.

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Upcoming Guests:

  • Sept 8: Cristina Moceri

  • Sept 15: Gabi Preston-Phypers

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Past Guests:

With over 200 episodes our guest list won't fit here, but here's a few: Adam Connors, Alan Fluhrer, Bob Bachtold, Bob Collins, Brian Fink, Carrie Collier, Dan Piontkowski, Dani Herrera, David Marr, Dean Da Costa, Dena Davis, Dena Davis, Dom Walker, Erin Mathew, Faith Saenz, Florian Funk, Geoff Webb, Glenn Gutmacher, Heidi Gerhard, Jackie Moore, Jim Miller, Jonathan Kidder, Julia Levy, Kat Kibben, Katie Gentry, Keith Silverman, Kurt Halls, Lara Lawson, Laura Mazzullo, Mark Hamel, Mark Tortorici, Mary Brogan, Matt Kaiser, Mike Askins, Mike Dunn, Mike Rasmussen, Mike Santoro, Nicole Scharrenberg, Michael Kascsak, Patrick Moran, Rachel Cupples, Ronnie Bratcher, Shawn Vyas, Sreenivasa Raju, Stacey Broadwell, Steve Levy, Steven Rawlings, Steven Rothberg, Tasha Palino, Todd Davis, Tommy Weinert, Trish Wyderka, Vanessa Raath... and YOU?


A few of the topics we have discussed on the show

  • The Sourcing Method Workflow

  • Working remotely

  • Managing virtual teams

  • Time management hacks

  • Diversity Sourcing

  • Sourcing Leadership

  • Email deliverability

  • Securing Your Privacy and Accounts

  • Interviewing Introverts

  • Autism Spectrum Candidates

  • Advanced Google Hacks

  • Advanced Bing Commands

  • Twitter and Facebook Search

  • Secrets of Gigablast

  • Reverse Image search

  • Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat

  • Cold Calling

  • Telephone Sourcing

  • Attendee Lists and Conferences

  • Hidden Secrets of the Deep Web

  • Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

  • Magic with Vivaldi and Opera

  • Tool stacking in 2022

  • Gaga for Google Custom Search

  • Robots and Virtual Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Hey Google)

  • Web scrapers

  • Custom Search Engines


  • Mastering Excel for Sourcing

What is Shally's Alley?

Shally's Alley is a weekly video segment broadcast live on Fridays at 1pm US Eastern Time.It started as a small Facebook Group at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I created it as a way to keep in touch with colleagues and maintain a positive mindset. Like a "group chat" or "virtual coffee hour" we would hop on a video call and discuss what was on our minds. It served to lift our spirits and keep us connected, then grew into something much bigger that gives back to the community. After the group reached 3,000 members I bought some streaming tools and started broadcasting live on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch directly from Zoom. Now thousands of people watch live as I have meaningful conversations with featured guests from all areas of Talent Acquisition and Human Resources!From what I am told by guests the appeal is that I keep things raw and practical, nothing contrived. The show is free for anyone to view. We have no sponsors, ads, monetization or commercial ties of any kind.Topic:
TA transformation and TA leadership burning issues of the day, and leading through rapid change, with a lens on finding or attracting talent.
Global. The largest following is from (in declining order): US, UK, Canada, India, EU.

Who's Shally

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Hi! I'm Shally Steckerl, host of Shally's Alley, author of The Sourcing Method and founder of the Talent Sourcing discipline. I'm a quirky, introverted, creative, gregarious, generous, hilarious and loyal rebel who likes to provoke thought and have meaningful conversations.Shally's Alley is intended to illustrate how HR and Talent Acquisition practitioners can utilize that mindset in tackling their day-to-day challenges.My “day job” is with LTK, the company transforming commerce with creator-guided shopping. I am Global Head of Talent Sourcing and People Analytics, responsible for accelerating, scaling, and optimizing LTKs global hiring.I'm also the Founder of The Sourcing Institute Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides educational grants for people with disabilities and Military Veterans, and to those who are unemployed or underemployed, so they may obtain employment in the Talent Sourcing and Recruiting profession. If you care about the Talent Sourcing and Recruitment profession, make a donation today at sourcingfoundation.org

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